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image "Touch screen systems have revolutionized the way people carry out several tasks and the way they interact with various systems conveniently. They are helping people navigate through their lives in a very efficient way. There is a definite need for everyone to be a part of this revolution"

SNS Infographics and Technologies GmbH was born out of curiosity to research on such products and make them available to the people. These products provide valuable insights to the customers which enhance and amplify the user experience. Significance of such products make an impact not only locally, but globally.

Our main core products are related to touch screens, which is the most popular interaction medium for people today.

Our Team

Dynamically driven, our chief is responsible for shaping up the company for what it is today

Nilesh V Bodhe- Chief Executive Officer

Because it is its purpose to create a customer, any business enterprise has two – and only these two – basic functions: marketing and innovation

Marcel Roy - Head-Marketing
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Our Touch Screen Kiosks can enrich the user experience of your customers. Our flexible platform can embed a lot of valuable services. Following are the industries of application and suggestive features for the same :

    Shopping Malls / Dept. Stores

  • The Map of the mall

  • Products/ Goods / Offers being sold by the stores in the mall

  • Directions to all the stores and amenities

  • Food Court Menu

  • Information / Registration for the Upcoming Events

  • State of Art Search across the Mall

  • Emergency Services Call

  • Information on locations of Malls under the same chain

  • Complaints / Feedback / Help Desk information


  • The Map of the Airport

  • Information on Public Transport, Taxi stand, location of Shops and the like within / around the Airport

  • Directions to all the stores and amenities

  • Offers on various Airlines

  • Information on current Flights

  • Search on Flights and their respective timings

  • Emergency Services Call

  • Complaints / Feedback / Help Desk information

    Railway Stations

  • The Map of the Railway Station

  • Location of Platoforms and their Directions

  • Directions to all the stores and amenities

  • Latest Information and Announcements on arrival / departures of the trains

  • Train Routes

  • Emergency Services Call

  • Next train Alerts

  • Complaints / Feedback

  • A powerful Search for all of the above


  • Locations of the Departments / Speciality Sections

  • Finding Patients

  • Directions to all the stores and amenities

  • Fixing Appointments with Doctors

  • Health Care Tips / Information

  • Pharmaceutical Stores in and around the Hospital

  • Emergency Call

  • A powerful Search for all of the above


  • Map of the Hotel

  • Virtual Rooms View

  • Restaurant Menu Display

  • Ordering System

  • Virtual Concierge providing information on the local points of interest / City Guide

  • Travel Directions and facilities to the point of interest

  • Feedback System
  • Loyalty System Integration


  • Information on Artifacts

  • Map of the Museum

  • Sections of the Museums and Directions

  • Events at the Museum

  • Artifact Gift Shop Virtual Display

  • A powerful Search for all of the above

  • Guest Feedback

    Other Services

  • Website Designing and Development

  • Software Testing

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